Google Owns The Internet.

I have previously mentioned that I receive Google Alerts for various technologies, companies and computer information sources, and I receive Google alerts for who? Google. So it was with profound interest that I read several links reporting that Google now owns the Internet. So in checking the links there was a commonality that all went back to one source. And it was one of my favorite columnists Robert X. Cringley, full article here.

Bob has a riveting analysis in which it is alleged that Google has been buying huge amounts of fiber optic bandwidth and building large data centers through out the world [latest is in North Carolina], which solidifies the theory that Google now owns the net. Bob makes a statement that ” Google wants to — in its own way — control the Internet. In fact, they probably control it already and we just haven’t noticed.” And that this control has all been done in secrecy as to not alert anyone of Google’s diabolical plot.

OK. We all know that Google has a giant network of computers strung around the entire planet. And that Google has employed some of the brightest and technology savoy people available. And that Google’s software it is alleged, can sift through mountains of data in a instant and could filter out content they would not want the public to be aware of.

Yet the Google alert I received provided links to the Google plot and their secret plans. Some secret. 🙂

But it sure does make for some great conspiracy theories trying to make Google look like the evil twin of another company who’s name I will not mention.

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