Internet Explorer’s Connection settings are used to configure how the Web browser will connect to the Internet. These settings are available from the Internet Options window.

The Connections tab will list any Internet connections currently configured on the computer, including dial-up and Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections. If a connection to the Internet is through a proxy server, you can use the LAN Settings button to configure the required proxy settings. These settings are summarized below.

  • Automatically detect settings: Proxy Settings and configuration settings are automatically detected.
  • Use automatic configuration script: Settings are retrieved from a file created by the network administrator. You must also specify the URL to the file or file name.
  • Use a proxy server for your LAN: Specifies that Internet Explorer must connect to the Internet through a proxy server. Provide the address and port number of the proxy server. By selecting the Advance button, you can configure which proxy server and port number to use for different protocols such as HTTP and FTP. You can then create an exception list. When accessing computers on the exception list, the proxy server is not used.
  • Bypass proxy server for local addresses: Select this option if you do not want to use a proxy server for a local (intranet) addresses. Selecting this option can improve performance when accessing computers on your intranet.

The connection settings also allow you to configure what Internet Explorer should do when a connection to the Internet is needed. These settings include:

  • Never dial a connection – Internet Explorer will not automatically establish a connection when one is not present but required. A connection must be established manually.
  • Dial whenever a network connection is not present – Internet Explorer will attempt to establish a connection using your default dial-up connections when a network connection is not available.
  • Always dial my default connection – Internet Explorer will always attempt to connect using your default dial-up networking connection.

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