I was sent this information from a associate asking I take a look at the Microsoft site which is supposed to provide a preview of Business Vista. I went to the site and the first thing I was hit was to provide a email address. Then it was that I needed Internet Explorer to proceed. Firefox is a no-no.

Then it’s install a active-x applet to proceed and then a menu screen appeared with several choices for the user to make, depending on what you wanted to view. The options are:

“Safe, Efficient, Connected and Collaborative.”

Each covers a subsection of additional information. At first I thought this was going to a giant advertisement site. Then I decided to try one of the video’s under Safe and Backup. SURPRISE ! It hit me. This is a great tutorial for anyone who is planning on getting Vista. Sure, there is some hype, but the benefits outweigh some of the negatives.

The sight has video’s on some of the new features, right down to showing how they work, step-by-step. And though it is branded as a ‘business site’, these features will apply, for the most part, to most of the new versions.

It’s worth a look. And it’s Free. 🙂

Windows Vista Business Test Drive.

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