I received a email newsletter from Linspire this AM which has announced they will be offering their CNR [Click-n-Run] installations for other distributions starting in the 2nd Quarter of 2007.

In my previous writings about Freespire, the free version of Linspire, I made mention that this was one the the best features I like about this distribution. That CNR makes it easy for anyone to install or uninstall thousands of different programs, all for free.

So which distributions will be supported?

“Both Debian and RPM distributions will be supported. During 2007, CNR.com will be rolling out support for current versions of the following distributions (listed alphabetically):

• Debian
• Fedora
• Freespire
• Linspire
• OpenSUSE
• Ubuntu

Starting in 2008, other distributions will be added as demand warrants and resources are available.”

For additional information read the complete FAQ from Linspire can be viewed here .

And it’s going to be Free. 🙂

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