Back in late December 2006, I posted a question concerning My Space and if my nephew should be allowed to participate on this networking community. [article here] Thanks to those who posted, I recommended against allowing him to join this group.

Now the Register has posted a article which alleges that My Space is using what they describe as ‘scareware’ from two software’s named “WinAntiVirus Pro and DriveCleaner”. And the allegation asserts that one of the softwares tries to auto install on your system. Not nice.

WinAntiVirus Pro – Doing a Google I located the website for WinAnti Virus Pro and when I clicked on the website link I received this message:



[Quote] Warning – visiting this web site may harm your computer!

You can learn more about harmful web content and how to protect your computer at


  • Return to the previous page and pick another result.
  • Try another search to find what you’re looking for.

Or you can continue to at your own risk.

Advisory provided byGoogle



OK – that’s answer the question that this may a dangerous product. So how about the other:


Drive Cleaner – Another Google to locate the Drive Cleaner website but before going to the site, I found this site:

“DriveCleaner Removal Instructions

DriveCleaner General Description:

DriveCleaner is a system cleaning application that uses fake security popups to trick you into purchasing the DriveCleaner 2006 software. Once DriveCleaner infects your computer, the DriveCleaner Trojan will display excessive popups resembling regular system errors. Such deceptive tactics can confuse you and lead you into purchasing DriveCleaner 2006 in hopes of removing the alleged security problem. ”

Link to entire article describing how to remove Drive Cleaner here.

Conclusion – it would appear that both of these products may cause more harm than good on your computer. If you are a My Space visitor you should be aware of these programs and possible deceptive advertising. Be careful!

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