Dean Koontz was unmatchable with his thrillers Intensity and Tick Tock which offered non-stop breath-catching scenarios that left readers up till three in the morning looking warily around corners and out of curtained windows. Unfortunately, Odd Thomas, however, is a different kind of book.

The plot moves at a snail’s pace covering a two day period and revolves around Odd Thomas, the novel’s protagonist, who sees dead people, particularly an evil spirit that Koontz calls Bob “Fungus Man” Robertson, who attracts other dark spirits like some kind of satanic Pied Piper. Unfortunately, however, while the concept was interesting Koontz succeeded in doing little more than portraying Odd as an ordinary guy who constantly reminded us (just in case we forgot) how much he loved his girlfriend and in using long drawn-out conversations as pointless filler in the plot. The book could definitely have stood a good editing by someone unafraid to chop out a paragraph here and there since there are scenes after scenes that serve no real purpose to the story when one operates under the theory that each scene is supposed to propel the story forward.

Another weak element to the novel was the climax which wasn’t even complicated enough to be a plot twist because it came out of nowhere and made little sense since it totally contradicted the later learned-about grand scheme causing this reader to feel as if Koontz didn’t know where to go or how to use the foundation he laid to finish the book.

In summing this up I would say that while Mr. Koontz is generally an unmatched story teller this book was a total disappointment and for me at least a waste of valuable time. [tags]book review, Odd Thomas, Dean Koontz, thriller, suspense, mystery[/tags]