Surprise, surprise. My neighbor actually came through. He gave me a call this evening and hit me with the results he and his family came up with. Minus the thoughts of the 5 year old, who was none committal and wouldn’t give his parents a opinion.

So here is the family – Parents in their mid-30’s, with 3 kids ranging in age from 12, 9, and 5. And they own all 3 consoles. So they are unique in that respect compared to most average families.

So here are the results:

Wii – it’s a great system for family fun. Both parents and the two oldest kids enjoyed playing the Wii.

PS3 – the 9 year old, who this was bought for, raved about the easy controls. And he let’s the 5 year old play on it also.

X-Box 360 – the 12 year old stated his system was the best. Best graphics. Loads of options. [He used the word ‘best’ five times].

I agree. Wii is great for family interacting. If you don’t have the time to spend with your kids, don’t get this. The PS3 seemed more suited for the under teen crowd. Though the games for the PS3 are available for the others, the PS3 just has the feel of something for the youngsters. X-Box 360 seemed to me to be a grown up machine for teens and above.

This has been a very unscientific study. But I do know one thing. If you are in the market for a console, play with it first. In fact, play with all of them. It’s a individual thing about which is best. And I believe each console has some great attributes geared for the type of game play you are looking for.

So there is no winner. I give Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft a job well done. Game consoles have come a long way from the Atari. 🙂

OK – I did say I would pick my personal favorite. I like the X-Box 360 the best. But would opt for the Nintendo Wii for family play, especially when the grand kids visit.

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