I have previously written how I have been using Firefox as my main browser, for well over 2 years and counting. And for the most part, it has performed extremely well. Until this past week.

At first I thought the Internet or certain websites were running slow. This came about two evenings ago when some sites would not come up. I’m using the extension Faster Fox, which also has a indicator on how long a page takes to load. My first inkling of a problem had to do with the Nexus site where I have been assigned to write these articles. I noticed that I was able to write articles, but not connect to ‘dashboard’ to view the hit stats. At first I thought it was a slow server.

And you may recall that I also have previously mentioned that I shut down my system to hibernation, which keeps all the settings and programs open for use the next time I boot up. And I normally have 2 or more instances of Firefox running at shutdown. So this AM when I booted up, I noticed what I can best describe as ‘system lag’. A extreme slowness on how XP was responding to all programs. And since I have 1G of RAM, I didn’t think that I was disk swapping.

So a quick look at taskmanager showed that Firefox was using 156,660kb of memory and was bouncing back and forth at 95 to 99 % of CPU usage. I closed all instances of Firefox, and all was well.

Theory. I think Firefox, from what I have read, still has some memory issues. But closing it seems to resolve the problem. And to be fair, Outlook was using 112,670kb of memory as well. I think using hibernation without closing the programs may be adding to the problem.

Yeap, it was. This evening I closed both Firefox and Outlook before hibernating and all is well, for now. 🙂

Comments welcome. Anyone else experiencing this problem?

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