Sometimes I really wonder what is going on in Chapel Hill, NC.

U. of N.C. Goofs, Tells 2,700 They’re In (AP):

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (AP) — An admissions department e-mail sent from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill congratulated 2,700 prospective freshmen this week on their acceptance to the school.The problem is that none of the applicants have been admitted. They won’t start finding out until March whether they’ve made the cut.

“We deeply regret this disappointment, which we know is compounded by the stress and anxiety that students experience as a result of the admissions process,” Stephen Farmer, the school’s director of undergraduate admissions, said in a news release.

Farmer said two employees accidentally sent the e-mail Tuesday. It began, “Congratulations again on your admission to the University.”

The e-mail was intended to request midyear grades from high school students who already have been accepted to the school.

Admissions officials have sent follow-up e-mails apologizing for the error. They have also e-mailed admissions counselors around the nation to explain the mistake.

About 20,000 people apply each year to UNC Chapel Hill, and the school enrolls about 3,800 new freshmen.

Attention to detail is lost in today’s society. I have a feeling someone might lose their job over this but it is the education system so chances are they’ll get promoted. But, can you imagine the lawsuits some non-accepted students and their lawyers will be cooking up (rightfully so in some cases, I’m sure).

The larger question is why would you request high school seniors’ grades via e-mail anyway? Is technology that great now that you can make significant requests of people via e-mail and them not question the authenticity? How many people’s spam filters picked off this UNC e-mail, I wonder?

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