This question came up in one of the forums I belong to, in which it was asked if a barebone computer system from one of the online vendors, was a good option compared to building a system from scratch. Responses were varied, some pro’s and con’s were mentioned and some sound advice.

My response – check out the reviews from other users. Most online websites who sell barebones computers offer a review service which may help in determining which systems are good and which are not.

Barbone systems offer several advantages. Motherboards are already affixed to the case and a cpu is seated. Also the barebone system may also include some type of a optical driver. The user needs only to add Ram, hard disk and install a operating system. The motherboard CD normally will include most drivers for the built in features such as video, sound, network adapter and so forth.

Though for my personal use I build my own systems from scratch, I believe a barbone system is a great option. Especially for someone who hasn’t built a system before, this is a great learning experience.

Some companies to take a look at for barebone systems are:


Tiger Direct

And many others that can be located by doing a Google. I have ordered parts from both Newegg and Tiger Direct so I fully trust both companies and highly recommend both of them. And remember, READ THE REVIEWS ! 🙂

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