I am sure that everyone is aware that in 2005 the US Congress had passed, The Energy Policy Act, with one of the provisions being that Daylight Savings Time would start 3 weeks earlier and end one week later. And that this new law would take effect starting in 2007. In essence, the new DST will start on the second Sunday in March and end on the first Sunday in November. Both go into effect at 2:00am on both dates.

Microsoft has a site where updates are available for most Windows operating systems, to correct the new the system time and date to auto apply the daylight savings start and end dates. And I would venture a guess that these updates may also be applied in some future Windows update process.

And there are some additional updates for Australia, Cairo and Sri Lanka.

Microsoft Site – DST Changes

You mean you weren’t aware of the change is Daylights Savings Time starting this year? Thus far I haven’t talked to anyone who was aware of this. Including myself. LOL

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