Second Life move over. There might be a new kid on your block coming to every PC on the entire planet. Rumor’s once again are afloat that Google is planning their own virtual world game and are finishing up some of the final touches. Launch date could be as soon as mid-year as the search engine giant continues to spread it’s tentacles into new areas.

For those who haven’t joined in the fun of Second Life, here is a brief explanation of what it is. You register to join a Internet based community, a virtual world, and are able to take on a persona [avatar] of a virtual world inhabitant so that you can socialize with others. While it is simple to called a ‘game’ there is no scoring, point count, nor winners and losers per se. Though the exact number of registered users is estimated around 3 million, not all registered users participate daily.

I think that just about covers it. I haven’t personally joined Second Life, so maybe someone else who has, can leave a comment for all of us to share.

Rumor switched turned off for now. 🙂
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