AOL founder Steve Case has started a new service called Revolution Health Care at his new website located here.

In his introduction letter, Mr. Case states that he fully became aware of the short comings of the health care system here in the U.S., when his brother was diagnosed with a brain tumor and he saw first hand the struggles his brother went through. He describes the medical bureaucracies his brother had to endure, the mountains of paper work, and the time it took from being diagnosed until his brother actually received treatment. His intro. letter can be read here.

So I took a look at the Revolution Health Care site for two reasons. One was to see what it was all about, and two, to see if there was any information for a condition that my wife has suffered and which has previously been diagnosed as Lupus.

The first thing you will notice when you enter the web site, is that it is very easy to navigate and is easy to use. Everything is spelled out in a eye pleasing format with plenty of options to choose from. So I headed over to the section “Conditions and Treatments.” Nothing revolutionary here. Some patient support about patients suffering from Lupus. I know from first hand experience what my wife has been and is going through. And descriptions of the illness that I am also familiar as well as available treatments. Again,nothing new. And I do not say this to be critical, only as a personal observation.

Your mileage may vary.

There are many other areas for you to explore including Healthy Living, Doctors and Hospitals [comparing doctors and hospitals in your area], Insurance [what companies in your area provide health insurance], and a section Learn From Others [where people post their medical experience].

So if your interested, I’d take a look and see what you think. In fairness this is a new site and will take some time to grow.

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