has released a report today about MySpace.

Airmen Cautioned About (

Stars and Stripes reports that the Air Force’s Office of Special Investigations (OSI) is warning airmen to exercise caution when using the popular Internet social networking site The warning comes after an investigation involving several airmen who were solicited “specific information” via about RAF Lakenheath in the past several months. With the advent of sites such as and other social networking Websites, OSI agents are concerned that America’s adversaries are taking their quest for information online. Airmen need to be aware of the dangers.

MySpace has continuously been on Air Force leadership radar screens. The Air Force Office of Special Investigations routinely patrols MySpace for incriminating evidence and wrong-doings performed by Airmen around the globe. Squadron commanders have put out warnings regarding the use of MySpace and it’s threat to OPSEC. In my unit, MySpace came up at a trail of a drug abuser and he is now in a military prison. Apparently, he flaunted his narcotic exploits on MySpace quite a bit.

Now, MySpace is being used to exploit our Airmen and our national security. The sad thing is that there isn’t much that can be done about it. Airmen have to use their heads and hopefully they did here.

I am always up for having my personal MySpace page being given a once over. Feel free to look at it.

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