Yet again I have escaped death! How you may wonder… did I dive with sharks or something adventureous like that. Why no, I crossed the street, with the lights at a well marked pedestrian crosswalk on a clear day. I was even wearing a red coat, almost a bonus stop sign for anyone tempted to drive over me.

I did not get hurt, much. The car went through a red light after the other cars had all stopped. After the pedestrian stick figure light was on, I noticed a car coming from the other side. I assumed it would stop as the other cars had. It didn’t stop, it didn’t even slow down much after it bumped into me and pushed me down into the yucky snow and road salt. My first thought was how much I’d like a handy rock to whip through his/ her back window. Just to help them notice me. Then I looked to get the licence plate but it was too far by the time my brain remembered to use common sense.

Afterwards, after I went back in, changed and missed my bus. After the weekend, I looked up a bit about pedestrians hit by cars. I was really lucky. It seems rare that a pedestrian walks away from being hit. I still consider it being hit, even though I did not end up under the car or flying through the air watching my blood spray the snow. I’m angry. Did you know how many people are killed by a car each day in your town? More than you think, most don’t even make the news any more. I don’t think that’s a good thing. I don’t consider it careless driving either. Whoever was driving that car didn’t care, true. But to call that careless is putting a happy face on something that could have been a nightmare for me and/ or my family.

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