Technology and education go together like peanut butter and jelly, and it makes sense that schools would aim to instruct their students in various aspects of technology since it is the way of the future and these students are the ones who will help to shape it. If kids are educated at an early age about technology and what’s possible with it, then you can just stand out of the way and watch them trailblaze. Quite frankly, we ain’t seen nothing yet. Oddly enough, technology is emphasized in the classroom, but when it comes time to manage the classroom, the processes that are relied upon are still very analog for the most part. To kick your school up a notch, check out SCHOOPY.

Teachers can create a SCHOOPY account for their schools, and then parents and students can register to gain access to their personalized educational resource. Once inside, everyone involved will see the benefits of taking the classroom online. Teachers, students, and parents can communicate with each other, plus there are group resources such as a calendar, files, assignments, and lesson plans to help everyone stay organized. Educational games are also available to instruct and entertain students.

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