Well after five years of waiting Microsoft’s new operating system Vista will be hitting the streets with much fan fare and excitement. Though I doubt many people will be camping out like they did when Windows 95 was released, I am sure that some die-hards will be standing at the doors of retail outlets when they open today.

CompUSA was opening at midnight, just to be the first one to start selling the new operating system. They also had a advertisment in which for $29.95 they would install Vista for you and have it ready for pickup this morning. Nice touch.

Yesterday I wrote of one minor problem, or as I see it a ‘gotcha’ with three upgrade versions of Vista – Starter, Basic and Premium. See here for details.

I wonder how many poor souls will format their disks believing that the upgrade for these three versions, will work like they did in previous versions, only to find the install failing.

If anyone purchases one of the upgrades mentioned above, it would be interesting to note if the retail packing makes reference to this and warns the consumer, hopefully on the outside of the box, and/or in the documentation that the present operating system must be left in place.

Comments please if you have purchased the retail upgrade to Vista.

And to all who do chose to upgrade to Vista, best of luck with the installation and I hope the transition is a smooth one.

Oh, one last note. Make sure your current operating system is free from viruses and spyware before installation. Nothing will stop a upgrade faster than a buggy system. And it wouldn’t hurt to do a cleaning as well and a defrag., which I will be posting today on how to do.
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