Anti-Microsoft site BadVista.Org states in their preamble:

“The BadVista campaign is an advocate for the freedom of computer users, opposing adoption of Microsoft Windows Vista and promoting free (as in freedom) software alternatives.”

advocate for the freedom of computer users” I didn’t even know I was being held captive.

“opposing adoption of Microsoft Windows Vista” This means that if you are using XP, Me, 2000 or 98, you’re OK.

“promoting free (as in freedom) software alternatives” Heh, I’m for Free software! Here is a great site for Free software.

Check out 100-Downloads.Com They even have Free stuff for Vista.

Under their “How You Can Help Section” is this:

Promote the campaign by speaking out when you agree”. Does this mean if you don’t agree your are supposed to remain silent?

But there is also a offer of providing assistance in locating Free software. Which is a nice helpful service for those interested in finding open source software.
Plus there is plenty of Microsoft bashing which I am sure will bring joy to the Microsoft haters in the crowd.

My take – may be a better service if they lean more towards showing how good open source software is in comparison to Vista or other softwares. If they lean more towards being just another bashing portal against Microsoft, they may loose some of their audience. Just a thought.

From Dilbert

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