When I first read that Micheal Dell was touting ‘being green’ at the Consumer Electronics Show, in las Vegas, my first thought was recycling computer parts to save our landfills from toxic waste. During the next few weeks after the show had ended, I read more articles which explained exactly what some of the major companies were doing and I had a better understanding what ‘being green’ was all about.

So I thought I would pass on some of things I learned from my research.

‘Being green’ does include recycling old computers systems. Some of the large OEM’s provide a Free service and will take that old PC in for recycling, when you buy a new PC from tehm. One company that does this is Apple.

Other companies have reduced the amount of packaging for their products, to reduce excess waste.

And reducing energy use is now a prime concern of both Intel and AMD. Where once they touted the speed of their chips, they now also include how energy efficient they have become. By using less energy, the chips also produce less heat, which in turn reduces cooling costs as well.

Hewlett-Packard will pay you to return your used print cartridges. I know that Staples is involved in this effort as well. The print cartridges are then recycled when possible.

And other major companies also have their specifics on ‘being green’ And states are also getting into the act and either impose a recycle fee and hold vendors responsible for recycling their products.

Here is one figure I stumbled on in my research:

‘Gartner estimates 925 million PC’s, will be replaced worldwide between 2006 and 2010.’

Now that’s a eye opener.

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