I see this as a good thing. No question about it, Michael Dell is what made the company great and I will always believe that. So the news of his return to the CEO position is not just a welcome one for investors, it will also ring a happier tune for PC enthusiasts.

Why would I say this? Because Dell’s customer service staff is one of the worst next to that of dealing with HP’s. Seriously, they’re awful. So Mr. Dell should look at training, incentives, or whatever it takes to make the large investment in his company’s offshore service operations successful. Yeas, I said it. Its offshore operations.

Even though we like to pretend like offshoring is some sort of dirty word, the fact is that Dell, among others, has opted to offshore the company’s customer service departments. In addition to that, we have chosen this path by buying from companies (here in the US) with companies who choose to outsource a fair portion of their labor. Understand that I am as guilty as the next guy as I love my ASUS motherboards. And like most geeks, price is just as important as performance when it comes to my PC hardware.

But hey, at the end of the day I see good things on the horizon for Dell. He obviously has the “knack” like the other tech titans before him. So I am sure that Dell will do wonders for… well, Dell!