Patterson’s MARY, MARY, like the other Cross centered novels in this series is an easy read mystery and while containing some flaws that could have been addressed (such as an adequate explanation for the slashing of the original victim’s face or an explanation as to how Truscott and Sullivan were able to locate Alex) this thriller will keep the reader intrigued with its multiple plot twists.

Once again in Mary, Mary, Patterson centers his latest suspense thriller on Alex Cross (An FBI agent), while introducing two new psychopathic and diabolical murderers in the forms of Mary Smith (A mother convicted of killing her three children) and the Storyteller (another serial killer whose murders parallel Mary Smith’s). The subplots in the book, of course, also include Nana Mama (Alex’s grandmother who raised him and is now helping to raise his children (Damon, Jannie and little Alex)) and his past and current girlfriends.

The novel’s main plot begins with a high-profile, diabolical series of murders involving Hollywood’s most famous stars who are being murdered one by one and how these murders unwittingly ensnare Cross (who is supposed to be on a vacation to Disney Land with his family), forcing him to face his demons and put the job first. With the LAPD and FBI both making this case a top priority they find themselves stagnated after each case until they receive the mysterious emails from the killer known only as Mary Smith. However, don’t accept that the killer is a woman until after you see all the possible suspects that Patterson puts into play and the intriguing methodology that Alex Cross uses to determine the killer

Subplots included Alex’s issues with his ex-girlfriend Christine over custody of little Alex and Alex’s attempts to help the LAPD, as ordered, while at the same time dealing with his own stalker, a pesky magazine reporter who wants to do a story on him, and various LAPD cops, high and low, who resent his very presence as an FBI agent in what they see as their jurisdiction.

As with most of James Patterson’s novels this is a book that possessed some flaws that could have been corrected with a little research and some information that I would have liked included but overall I enjoyed this four-star, fast-paced thriller and look forward to reading the next book in the series.[tags]book review, James Patterson, Mary, Mary, Suspense, thriller, FBI, Hollywood[/tags]