Yesterday after getting the Windows Vista Ultimate Extras, I took a look at both packages I had received which were Texas Hold’em and also Bitlocker with EFS.

Texas Hold’em – It’s a card game where you play against other players who are controlled by the computer. You can check, bet, raise or fold. And the game allows options to select how many players to play against, change card design and other options. If you have played Hearts for Windows you have been there, done that. Not very exciting in my opinion .

Bitlocker and EFS – From what I have read these are two tools that make it easier for users to prepare your hard disk for BitLocker itself, which is a encryption application built into Windows Vista Ultimate and also to take advantage of online key backups at a secure Microsoft site called a ‘digital locker’. Use of the digital locker, details here, requires a Live, Msn or MS Passport Account, and once signed in your receive a account. Also take a look at the digital locker site. Notice that MS is also selling software?

I can see this feature being used by businesses, but for most home users, including myself, I don’t have very much secret stuff on my personal system. Your mileage will vary.

As I have previously mentioned, I certainly hope that Microsoft has more offerings coming soon. These Ultimate Extras are ho-hum.

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