Vringo, the pioneer in next-generation mobile personalization, has announced the launch of a fun new way for mobile users to communicate with family and friends – via video ringtones (or Vringos). Vringo allows users to share short video clips each time they make a phone call. The service is available now to private beta users, by invitation only.

“Instead of the tired audio ringtone, we want you to experience the fun of video ringtones” CEO Jon Medved said. “When you call your buddy they see your Vringo and you see theirs. Vringo creates a deeper form of communication as our users share viral videos with each call they make.”

Vringo is addressing a huge market for mobile personalization. Market research has estimated the worldwide ringtone market at $5 billion and still growing. “When you combine the explosive nature of mobile video with the need for new and richer personalization, then a major opportunity is at hand,” explains Dan Ciporin, Vringo’s Chairman and former CEO of Shopping.com.

Vringo is pioneering new technology in the combination of video applications and call handling. David Goldfarb, CTO and co-founder of Vringo, said, “Until now, making and receiving calls would shut down video and other applications. Vringo has overcome this limitation and our users can now enjoy video clips as part of the call process.”

Vringo will offer the service directly to consumers and together with mobile carriers. Content will include both licensed material from TV, movies, and music videos as well as user generated clips. Vringo is launching its service simultaneously at the AlwaysOn Media and Demo conferences. Vringo is now opening its private Beta program and hopes to invite the general public into the community soon.

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