Back on December 27, 2006 I did a review of a product called Primary Response SafeConnect 2.1 and I had mentioned that I would do a follow-up report. Oops! Blame it on the holidays, to much company, or whatever, but I completely forgot about this until yesterday. Jonathan Bean sent a comment asking if the product worked or not. Thanks Jonathan for the reminder.

All went fine for the first week and the program was working just fine. Then I did a software install along with a MS update on the same day. I don’t know which one caused my system to go bonkers, but that is when I noticed something was wrong. My system was locking up, not a lot, but maybe once a day or so.

And what do we do when that happens? Last program on, first program off. Uninstalled the MS update, and the new software first. Lock up continued. So I went back and took off SafeConnect and all was well. So to be fair, I wasn’t sure if the problem was SafeConnect or the MS update.

So I never really got to finish the review. So last night I attempted to reinstall SafeConnect and I could not get the program to run at all on my system. 🙁

This jogged my memory of another program I have used successfully, but unfortunately is no longer a freebie. The program is called Prevx. And I looked this morning and a trial download is still available from here.

So I installed it this AM and will be testing it during the trial period. And I REALLY will do a full review and share what I find. I even put a sticky on my computer screen. 🙂
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