If you are considering buying Windows Vista, but are hanging on the fence on whether Vista is worth it, why not ask some real world people what they think. How you may ask? Look at the customer reviews located at different web sites that are selling Vista. Once you cut through the Mac crowd and their comments “Microsoft stole Vista from Apple”, and cut out the ‘fluff’, “Vista is the best OS ever”, you get down to some real nuts and bolts answers. Here are some excerpts from real reviews:
From Circuit City:

“When you turn on your computer the sound is different on Windows Vista”

“There are good and bad features..pretty much you get that from everything you buy.”

From Amazon:

“There’s not much of a difference between XP and Vista other than some new features that may spike an impulse buy”

“I just saw this operating system run for the first time on a friends’ computer… It has slowed down everything on his machine dramatically.”

“The concerns that Vista is a resource HOG are unfounded!”

From Newegg:

“Looks better than XP”

“Looks new”

“Over 1000 new features from XP”

So there you have it. Real answers from real people. And with this arsenal of information I am sure everyone will be able to make an informed decision on whether to go with Vista or not. OR you could read the 1,156,321 reviews that are plastered all over the Internet with enough opinions to confuse all of us.

Bottom line is this. Each of us must make our own decision on whether we need to upgrade or not. Taking into account the price, higher hardware requirements, software compatibility, and whether the differences between XP and Vista are significant enough to justify upgrading.

And don’t forget about taking a test drive first. See my article here.

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