When I did the first Dell article and What Happened To “Heh, Dude, You’re Getting A Dell?” I wasn’t aware of some of the other things that were occurring at the Dell empire.

Seems that the investors are in revolt over alleged kickbacks from Intel. The rumors are since that since Dell is using AMD chips, there will be no more lower pricing from Intel. Which could result in higher Dell PC pricing. Interesting.

And then there are the rumors of the leaked memo from Mr. Dell to everybody else at Dell. We got a BIG problem and no more bonus money. And here come some cuts.

And depending which rumor you like best, the U.S. government is taking a look at Dell’s accounting practices OR it is looking into some of the stock brokers who handle Dell stocks. They all sound good to me.

If the rumors and accusations are true, I guess my only question is why? Why when you have a multi-billion dollar company, plus you have millions or billions of personal assets, why lie and cheat? To be #1?

And it makes one wonder just how deep this all goes. Too bad. The #2 spot may not look so bad after the smoke clears. Maybe I will want to rethink my recommendation of Dell and buying one of its systems. 🙁

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