I like companies that use the Internet to do more than just extend the functionality that we’re used to on the Web. When a company uses the Internet to affect things other than the computer, then I really start to take notice. For instance, mobile devices are becoming hotter by the second, and the market is expanding by massive leaps and bounds. Whenever a service can interact with my phone, and in turn, it sometimes encourages me to use my phone to interact with it, then I’m impressed. This makes the functionality that they offer seem even more real. FunkyCall may not be an entirely serious example of a company that blends the Internet with the phone, but it’s fun, plain and simple.

If you’ve ever been in on or the subject of a prank call, then the functionality offered by FunkyCall will be familiar to you. This site includes a bunch of humorous prerecorded messages that you can listen to and then send to a mobile phone or an e-mail address. You can even make them more believable by sending them as a voicemail message. If you just want to be funny, then you can have them appear to have been sent by your phone number, but if you want to get really devious, then you can make the call appear to come from some different and unfamiliar number. Hilarity can and (most likely) will ensue. Besides making anonymous prank calls, FunkyCall also enables you to upload your own audio message for distribution. Not having to talk on the phone just became a whole lot easier.

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