istartedsomething is “reporting” two fatal Windows Vista flaws:

The first exploit is a bug inside the keyboard and mouse subsystem which enables the targeted system to be hijacked and maliciously delete files, folders, music, torrents and other important sounding stuff without the user’s authorization or control.

Details of how such an exploit works are sketchy, but leaked documents reveal the keyboard and mouse APIs offers unprecedented amount of control over an operating system, allowing anyone and everyone to have full access to your computer with or without your authorization. This exploit allows anyone ranging from younger siblings to gang leaders who could use brute force, such as a punch or tickle, to gain access to your keyboard and mouse cursors and perform malicious activities such as browsing The Inquirer or deleting vital fraudulent financial documents.

They forgot to mention that these malicious users could also use the keyboard and mouse exploit to gain access to privileged or private information including tax returns and other financial records. Worse if the web browser stores logins/passwords they could access private bank accounts and credit card accounts.

A second exploit highlights a serious flaw inside the popular Windows-platform development tool, Visual Studio. An undocumented feature inside this software is said to enable the ability for malicious users to compile and execute unsigned and potentially damaging source code. If users somehow come across malicious source code and decide to copy, paste, compile and execute within Visual Studio, the resulting application could change wallpapers, block access to YouTube, increase the volume and other serious irreversible damages to the computer system.

Very serious indeed!

There is also another fatal flaw in Vista that allows malicous disks or CDs to be executed and run on the machines. When used they securely wipe the hard disks. 😉

I said it before and I’ll be saying it again…reinstall XP, or if you are due for a new computer try to get one with XP, buy a Mac, or try Ubuntu .

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