Virus Bulletin is a independent website that is dedicated to featuring analysis of the latest virus threats, but most importantly, they provide evaluations of current anti-spyware and anti-virus software programs. And they test these softwares and provide a grading on their effectiveness, or lack of effectiveness, in catching real live ‘bugs’.

Note: In order to view any of the results of their testing, you must register which requires name and valid email address which you need to confirm, prior to accessing the site.

Virus Bulletin has what they call a VB100 Award for those software programs that catch 100% of the ‘bugs’ broken down by Windows operating systems. The February results included Windows Vista and which products passed or failed the testing:

Some of those that passed were AVG and Avast. Norton made it as well.

Some of those that failed were McAfee and Microsoft’s own One LiveCare.

[This is only a partial listing of A/V vendors]

To view the entire list and see what products passed or failed for any Windows Version take a look here. Remember you need to register first.
And please note that both AVG and Avast passed all testing. And as I have mentioned in the past, they both offer a Free version. 🙂

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