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Five years ago when Windows XP was introduced, there were the same articles being written about it. The 10 best or 10 worst things about XP, should you upgrade articles, and also everything you will need to know articles and so on. This is typical with every release Microsoft has every made since Windows was introduced, with the exception of Windows 95. Back in 1995 people were actually camping out in front of retail outlets waiting to get their hands on 95. If you ever used Windows 3.0 or earlier editions, then you know why Windows 95 was such a ‘must have it”, operating system.

But there is one constant that all of us can agree upon. When we turn on our computers we want them to work. For most of us we could care less what hardware is inside, what a operating system is, how to tweak our settings for a faster response, or any of the other geeky stuff. We want to be able to check our email, surf the Internet, write a letter once in a great while and play a few simple games.

And for the most part, any operating system after Windows 95 should perform those functions fairly well. However, the newer operating systems may do some functions better. Example – Windows XP with SP2 may improve your wireless experience if you use a laptop and wish to connect to hotspots while you travel, compared to say Windows 98. And this is where comparing apples and oranges comes in.

What do you expect from your computer? If Windows XP is working for you just fine, stay with it. If you would like some of the more secure features that Vista provides, then upgrade. Or if you just want to have the latest and greatest, by all means do it. It’s your money.

And here is my personal overall opinion of Vista. I have the Ultimate edition installed on one system, dual booting with XP. I basically like it. It is a lot prettier than XP or previous Windows versions, speed wise it performs tasks on par with XP, the networking function using wireless to me is better, most – but not all of my applications work so far, I’m still waiting for a Vista sound driver, and my overall experience has been enjoyable and uneventful.

What I don’t like about Vista, the nag screens every time you do something sometimes gets annoying, but this mainly happens only when installing software or a plug-in from the net and is part of the new and improved safety and security system and I’m still having trouble finding stuff but that will evaporate once I use the system more. And for me, that’s about it.

Speaking of something new. My wife and I bought a new SUV on Monday morning and had to get to the vets office to pickup our dog. So we were kind of rushed, signing the gazillion papers and headed out the door rather quickly. Hoped in our new SUV and off we went. Got to the vets office, got the dog and while trying to get him in to the SUV, I must of hit one of the controls and the front windshield wipes came on. Oh, there’s a picture of a wiper so I hit that. Oh good. Now I’ve got the front AND rear window wiper going. Great, now I’ve got the rear wiper and washer going, then the front washer going. In the mean time the girls who work at the vets office are breaking for lunch, laughing at the idiot who has his wipers going on a bright sunny day. I finally got them stopped and that evening I read the owners manual. 🙂

Bottom line – be careful what you read. Analyze the articles about Vista carefully. And then decide for yourself.
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