I got a email last night from a friend of mine in Georgia. He noted that I have posted a lot of information on my website concerning Google. He stated I might be interested in taking a look at some other Google sites that normally are not posted.

Sure, why not. How secret could this stuff be? Well it’s not earth shattering but it is different and hopefully interesting to those who read my articles. So here are some Google pages to stop by at:

Google has a newsletter called Google Friends Newsletter. You can sign up for free issues sent right to your email account if you wish. Google Friends Newsletter

They also have listed archives of their previous newsletters. And my friend was correct. I was not aware that Google produced a newsletter.

Have a domain parked somewhere on the Internet? You can have Google Ads displayed while the page is sitting idle. This is kind of a unique offering, also one that I was not aware of. Google Domain.

One of the features of Google Search is that it offers stock information right from the search engine, by merely typing in the stock symbol. This link explains how. Get Google Stock Quotes I don’t think the second one is working. 🙁

And last but not least, everything you really wanted to know about Google but was afraid to ask. Google Sets. If you see a use for this, congratulations. Maybe you can leave me a comment and explain it to me. 🙂

No offense to anyone, but I didn’t bookmark any of these links, but I did sign up for the Google newsletter.

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