Terry Creer was sick of mowing his lawn so he built a Remote Control Lawn Mower and is providing detailed instructions on how you can build one yourself.

The project cost him less than $500 and from the looks of the video its quite impressive.

Mechanically, this thing is an electric wheelchair.
My dad scored a complete old, but serviceable chair from a dealer secondhand for a measly $150AUD. It even had a charge in the batteries and I was able to ride it out to the car to load it up.
Ask around – there’s plenty of places where you could get one. I’ve heard of people getting them for free and shops throwing the motors and controllers in the bin!!!

I will make a frame to replace the old one, keeping the motors and associated electronic drive circuitry, batteries and wheels.
The wheelbase is extended and a common garden variety lawnmower bolted in the middle.
The lawnmower will remain complete, with the only modifications being it having its wheels and push-handle removed. This way, the mower can be easily removed if the user desires regular “push mowing” (i.e. the user is insaneā€¦).

The joystick is removed from the electronic control module and replaced with a custom interface circuit to translate the signals from the Radio Control receiver into the same signals that the joystick on the wheelchair emits, thus having complete control, as you would if you were driving the wheelchair normally. Power for this circuit is drawn from the power connector that used to supply the wheelchairs joystick.

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