Have you ever changed your router’s default password to a strong password? If you can’t remember or are not sure. Its something you need to look into now. Dig out the manual or Google the make and model number to find a pdf copy of the manual from the manufacturer’s web site. Typically changing the password is a very simple process that only involves logging into the router through your web browser and finding a link to the page where you can reset or change the password. Be sure to write down your new password. I like to write it on the device itself using pencil.

Why the urgency? Researchers at Symantec and Indiana University have discovered that its possible to take control of your router with malicious JavaScript. For the attack to be successful you would have to visit a malicious web site or a site that has been hacked to contain the malicious code and your router would need to still be using its default password. Once the hackers have control of the router, it can be used to redirect your web surfing and downloads to other malicious web sites and they could also get hold of your login information for bank accounts and other web sites.

If that’s not convincing enough, its common practice for some people to change the login info and settings on wireless routers running with their default settings to ensure they’ll be able to use to the access point again in the furture. Then what do you do? You’ll be locked out of your own hardware! While most models have hard reset switches somewhere on them I’ve seen these cheap switches not work or break on the first push.

Again, don’t take the risk. Change your router’s password now before you forget. It won’t take you more than a few minutes!

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