A few weeks ago Steve Jobs said he Would Like To Sell Music Without DRM. Macrovision posted a response letter today titled, To Steve Jobs and the Digital Entertainment Industry

I believe that most piracy occurs because the technology available today has not yet been widely deployed to make DRM-protected legitimate content as easily accessible and convenient as unprotected illegitimate content is to consumers. The solution is to accelerate the deployment of convenient DRM-protected distribution channels—not to abandon them. Without a reasonable, consistent and transparent DRM we will only delay consumers in receiving premium content in the home, in the way they want it. For example, DRM is uniquely suitable for metering usage rights, so that consumers who don’t want to own content, such as a movie, can “rent” it. Similarly, consumers who want to consume content on only a single device can pay less than those who want to use it across all of their entertainment areas – vacation homes, cars, different devices and remotely. Abandoning DRM now will unnecessarily doom all consumers to a “one size fits all” situation that will increase costs for many of them.

Excuse me while I try to stop laughing…

Have the media companies ever allowed these usages with DRM that currently supports this? Of course not, and they’re not going to with advances in DRM.

Its simple. Media companies don’t believe in fair use and never will. They don’t want to see you share their content across devices easily. They just want you to buy multiple copies of the same content in every media available so they can continue to fill their own pockets. This has always been the case and always will be. The worst part, the artists don’t even see fair or reasonable payments for the sales.

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