I’ve been using Seagate hard disks ever since the company went to its five-year warranty policy, which I believe is one of the longest in the industry.

Prior to this, all of the hard disk manufacturers had gotten together and decided on a one-year product warranty for all drives. In my experience, this was a sound decision, since they were offering three-year warranties before this decision, and were replacing drives on a regular basis. For drives that were in use daily, they were lasting 18 to 24 months. Going to a shorter warranty made sense. Especially since the profit margins on hard disks were slim. This was great for the OEMs, but not for the consumers. There was little we could do except to complain.

Seagate broke the mold and implemented a five-year warranty plan on its drives. Good for you, Seagate. Ever since this decision to extend the warranty period, I have chosen Seagate as the only hard disk I use and place into my customers’ systems.

I have some secret software that I needed to test on my machine, and I didn’t want to disturb the current Vista/XP dual boot, so I pulled out an old 20G drive I had laying around, and no-go. The software I was testing needed a minimum of 40G. Holy cow, this is a biggie. So I ordered a new Seagate to accommodate the size.

Here is what I love about Seagate drives. Once you set the pins for master or slave (I’m not a cable select fan) and seat the drive in the system, you just pop in the supplied Seagate CD included in the kit. If you buy an OEM Seagate drive, the same software is available on its Web site. The software is so simple even a newbie can use it. It even allows advanced settings to partition the disk (two partition limit) and allows you to select either FAT32 or NTFS. There are other options for other operating systems as well. That’s it, folks, and you’re ready to go.

This secret software I have is HUGE – install indicates that it will take several hours to install! Actually took about one hour.

And it redid the partitions I had previously set up. 🙂
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