WinPatrol software has been around for a few years and its new and improved version for 2007 loads faster than previous versions. Also the latest version is Vista compatible.

So what Is WinPatrol 2007? Basically it is a small utility program that monitors your system for any type of intrusion such as malware, and alerts the user to this fact immediately. I have used WinPatrol in the past and have found it to be a very reliable and trustworthy piece of software. And I would recommend the software to anyone who is looking for additional protections from Internet ‘bugs’ and ‘critters.’

WinPatrol is about a 5.5MB install and installation is a no brainer and straightforward. After install you will notice a small icon of a Scotty dog down by your clock, which means Scotty is on patrol. If you open the program you are greeted with a single “arf’ from Scotty. Once set up, you are ready to go. There is nothing more to do. Simple, and it’s FREE !

The author has a paid version as well that incorporates additional features. He has a listing of the main differences between the free and paid versions.

Give it a try here.
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