This story is depressing and completely maddening. In 2004, Julie Amero was a substitute teacher in a Norwich, CT classroom and the computer in the classroom (which she says she was instructed to not log the regular teacher out of, or turn off) began opening porn pop-ups in front of a room full of 7th grade students, reports the Washington Post.

Parents complained and Amero was arrested and charged with four counts of “impairing the morals of a child” and was later convicted. She faces sentencing on March 3rd.

It sounds like Amero is completely innocent and is being railroaded into jail. Please take a moment to read the post by Brian Kreb, this account of the Defense’s expert witness, and this analysis by Harvard’s Ben Edelman.

If this entire case has upset you enough to take action (and it should have!) DownloadSquad’s Grant Robertson has learned that only the Connecticut Board of Pardon and Parole can issue a pardon and has some details on how you can get in touch with them and who else you might try writing too.

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