More courtroom idiocy ahead! On the heals of colleges banning students from citing wikipedia , the Guardian is reporting, US judges use Wikipedia as a courtroom source. Wikipedia is the much loved and critiziced web encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

I’ve always felt Wikipedia’s policies and practices we’re a bit strange and applied very inconsistently. There also seems to be a large contingent of people on the site with nothing better to do than ensure their edits remain up, even if incorrect or biased. When you come across these problems the entire system fights against you to the point where correcting these inaccuracies would take more time than its worth and any reasonable person just ends up abandoning the site completely.

While I often will use Wikipedia to look up something or provide a link for more information on a topic I know (and also hope my readers know) that you can’t always rely on the information found on there. Its only a good starting point for your research, or if you have an idea of what you think something is about you can use it to quickly confirm your thought. But for Judges to use the information on Wikipedia for court? Thats just lunacy! They might as well ask the crazy guy on the corner with the “World Is Ending” sign to do their research for them.

[Thanks to SubWolf for pointing me to the article.]

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