I have a zillion bookmarks. We’ll definitely not a zillion because I only bookmark good sites/resources. As part of a new series of posts, I’ll dump a few folders of my bookmarks at a time.

Here is Part 2 (Part 1) of my Web Design bookmarks:

Resources & tutorials

  1. Accessible form builder
  2. AskItOnline
  3. CAST Bobby
  4. Extended ASCII-HTML Codes
  5. How To Setup Development Domains On OS X
  6. How To Use Meta Tags
  7. htaccess Generator
  8. Lorem Ipsum Generator
  9. META Tag Builder
  10. MSDN HTML,DHTML, JS Reference
  11. MSN TV Server Developer Support Site
  12. P3P Public Overview
  13. PHP Security Consortium
  14. The Form Assembly
  15. URL Rewriting-Apache’s mod_rewrite
  16. W3Schools Online Web Tutorials
  17. Webmaster.Aol.com
  18. WebmasterBase
  19. WebTV Help Center FAQ
  20. When Someone Steals Your Content
  21. World Wide Web Consortium


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