Google has started offering a paid Applications Premier Edition service along side it’s Free services it already provides.

The Applications Premier Edition service will include:

  • E-mail services with up to 10G of space and a 99.9 guarantee of uptime with 24/7 tech. support.
  • Word processing, spreadsheets and calender management services.
  • Free until April 30th to try – than $50.00 a year thereafter.

Well we all knew it was only a matter of time before Google would fire a shot across the bow of the Microsoft flagship. And it appears that the time is now. It should be interesting to see how Google fairs in this new venture, and how well corporate America responds. Rumor has it that some corporate firms have already made the switch to Google’s Premier Edition, even before it was officially announced.

Google has setup a Google app. website where you can compare the Free and Premiere Editions.

Google Apps. Premier Edition Here.

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