A person who does not identify himself, outside of his learning credentials, has posted a interesting story in which he alleges that during his college and work career he has had the opportunity to work for Microsoft, Google and Yahoo!.

His tale begins as an intern working for Microsoft while he was attending college. His insight takes us in depth when he finally mets Bill Gates and notices that the richest man in the world was wearing a pair of shoes that appeared to be worn out. Which is understandable, since us men hate to shop and when we find a pair of shoes that are comfortable, we will wear them until our wives make us throw them away.

His next adventure took him to Google, again as an intern, and he verifies the rumors that we have heard. Google provides free food to its employees prepared by some of the great chefs that the Bay Area is noted for. I can attest to the good food having been a Bay Area native most of my adult life. You just can’t beat the sourdough bread! He then provides us with some insight about the army of security personnel that Google employs. Men and women dressed in blue shirts guarding every door and entrance. And he explains about the entertainment and speeches made by famous people that happened almost daily.

Finally it’s on to Yahoo!, where he discovers his true passion and for the past month has been working as a data collector of sorts. He vaguely explains why he decided to work for Yahoo! since it is only the number three rated search engine.

And, last, the writer provides us with a small graph explaining the perks of each company, which seems to concentrate again on the food issue. I would guess this person is an avid eater. 🙂

Fact or fiction? You decide.

Microsoft-Google-Yahoo! story here.

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