Science be damned! There are radio waves killing us all and only a tin foil hat can fully protect us! It also helps to wrap your genitals. Don’t forget to line your walls and windows and then seal all the joints with packing tape. Don’t worry about the lack of air holes. You’ll still be able to breath thanks to the tin foil gods!

Sound ridiculous? It wouldn’t surprise me if the loons at the Healthy Home Alliance subscribe to similar thinking.

In the past they opposed the construction of cell towers and they are now against WiFi. They claim health concerns but don’t cite any real evidence. “To me, radiation is radiation,” says the group’s leader, Sue Storm. “There is enough evidence that this is dangerous and hazardous to our health if people know where to look for it.”

According to BroadBand Reports, “The Healthy Home Alliance website is chock full of such evidence (2000-3000 studies!), including the claim that Sweden had to shut down their wireless broadband networks after local hospitals were flooded with calls from ill residents. Of course, that isn’t actually true. In fact, the Daily Herald talked to a Swedish embassy rep to confirm that nothing like that ever actually happened.”

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