This is a follow up to the original post here, in which I mentioned that Microsoft was giving away for Free, Virtual PC 2007. Again, as a reminder, it is always best to test any new software on a test machine and NOT on a system that you plan to use for your daily computing chores. Why? Because if something goes wrong, you won’t lose any important data. Hopefully.

And as I had mentioned, I originally used a old hard disk that went belly up during the first test using VMware software, also a freebie in which I had posted the results here. So here is what I did. I bought a new hard disk over at Staples, and installed Microsoft Server 2003 on the new disk.

I then setup Microsoft’s Virtual PC 2007. I setup a New virtual location following a wizard, which took me step by step. And since I had already used Virtual PC 2004, I pretty well knew the procedure, which basically hasn’t changed with the new version. Microsoft says that Virtual PC 2007 has enhanced performance and also now supports some of the Vista versions, such as Business and Ultimate.

I have had a new unopened copy of Windows XP Professional sitting around now for about a year or so, and I thought this would be a great opportunity to give it a try on a virtual drive. Basically once you setup the parameters for the virtual drive and start the install process, there isn’t much to do except wait. One thing you will notice is that the install process is somewhat slow. OK. Really slow. And the install timer is way out whack. So disregard the time left message.

I wish I had something exciting to say after the install completes. It’s Windows XP running inside of Windows Server 2003. Using the same machine and hardware and no need to dual boot. You just click on the virtual drive you wish to start and that’s about it. After installing XP, I installed Linspire, a Linux distro. Same thing slow install. But it worked after I was done.

The MS blog also has some tips on how to setup a vritual drive. Take a look here.

Ans for those who haven’t tried going virtual before, be prepared for a slow experience. Response on the virtual drive is somewhat slow. But it does work.
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