On the Web, there are a variety of services that specialize in specific parts of media hosting and sharing. We have YouTube for video, Flickr for pictures, and so on. While it’s good for companies to exist that do one thing and do it well, convergence is becoming a hot thing, and many people want to use the least amount of Web services to accomplish the most amount of things. This can be a very natural desire. It only makes sense that companies would spring up to fill this gap, and Treemo is one such company that allows you to bring all of your media online in one centralized location.

You get a lot for creating a free account on Treemo, including an unlimited amount of storage, but you can only upload 200MB of content each month. Yes, instead of only being able to upload your videos or pictures to the site, you can upload all of your media types, and that means that your videos, pictures, audio files, and text are acceptable here. Once your content is uploaded, you can then share it any way that you want, which means that it can also be embedded on other Web sites. In addition, Treemo contains mobile phone support, so you can upload and view your content while on the go.

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