The Recycle Bin was first introduced in the Windows 98 operating system. The story has it that businesses wanted a way to retrieve files, folders, whatever, from being totally deleted from the system. They wanted a ‘second chance’ type of protection. Why? Because we all make mistakes. Hard to believe but true.

So it was with interest last evening when I spoke with a client, who indicated that she had accidentally deleted some photographs on her computer that she needed for a work project. Simple enough I thought. Just check the Recycle Bin. Nope not there. My first thoughts were a corrupted Recycle Bin.

Since it was a laptop system, and since she only lived a few blocks away, I told her to bring the system over for a look-see. Checking properties for the Recycle Bin I noted that the default had been changed to ” Do not move files to the Recycle Bin.” Remove files immediately when deleted.” Sure enough, this box had been checked.

I asked why this change was made and she said she didn’t know, since this was a used system she had purchased from a fellow employee who no longer worked at her firm. I set the system back to it’s default setting.

And I was still asking myself ‘why would a user turn it off?”

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