Gillian Flynn’s first novel, Sharp Objects: A Novel, is a surprisingly well-written yet disturbing book, made even more so by its plausibility and the dispassionate self-mutilating cutting episodes that the protagonist indulges in as a means of coping with life in a cliquish Missouri town where no one is satisfied with their life. What is even more amazing is how immensely readable and interesting this first time author made this book with its well developed, believable characters and roller coaster ride of twisted events that makes the reader realize how fortunate they were in growing up in a semi-normal family. 

The plot begins with Camille Preaker, (the protagonist) a reporter for a third rate newspaper in Chicago, being sent back to her hometown of Wind Gap,
Missouri, to get a scoop on a pair of grisly murders. Amazingly, Ms Flynn manages to provide the reader with wonderful imagery as she clearly illustrates this small town as one riddled with cruelty, beginning with its main business being the slaughter of hogs, to its penchant for malicious gossip and overt violence. The Heroine Camille, a girl who will do anything for someone’s approval, is a raging drunk and psychological basket case, who first experienced this cruelty at the hands of her mother. Once back in her hometown, however, Camille is forced to deal with the deeply flawed relationship she has with her mother, as well as, face her deepest fears and anxieties as she attempts to once again adapt herself to small town politics.

For a debut novel, I was pleasantly surprised at how completely Ms. Flynn was able to use the dream sequences and easy to follow dialog to describe the eerily dark, depressing, and gut-wrenching life that existed in this town. Additionally, the author illustrates the dark side of life in such a manner as to make it appear normal and then provides an ending so surprising that it will leave the reader in awe. Reader beware, however, this is not a book for the faint of heart who are looking for a joyous uplifting novel but if you can handle a book that describes life at its worst then you will enjoy reading this well-constructed book. 

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