This has to be the most hair brained product idea I’ve ever seen. The Multimedia Remote Control Wrangler looks a bit like underwear but it is worn on your head and you attach your TV remote and other remotes to it using Velcro. Yes, you did read that correctly, your HEAD! Just take a look at the photo:

Remote Control Wrangler

Currently, only two styles are available for this unorthodox headgear but others are sure to follow. For the sports enthusiast, there is the red white and blue “Retro Sportsman” model, which has proven to be very popular in the Asian market. The demure “Antique Olive ” caters to the conservative crowd who may prefer a more discreet and formal appearance. [American Inventor Spot]

I think the only thing this will be useful for is in a Saturday Night Live skit or a MAD magazine parody. Have you ever seen a product this loony? Would you buy one? Better yet, if you received one for free or as a gift would you actually use it, besides as a joke?

[via Engadget]

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