Microsoft must be sleeping with one eye open at night. First Google comes out with its online apps, and now Corel jumps in the fray with its free WordPerfect Lightning software. So what is WordPerfect Lightning?

Corel WordPerfect Lightning is not a trial version. You will be downloading the free beta version of Corel WordPerfect Lightning, which includes:

  • a Notes tool for word processing, note taking and copying text and images from email and the Web
  • a Viewer to open PDFs, WordPerfect and Microsoft Word documents
  • a Navigator to organize your ideas and documents
  • a free online account with 200 MB storage – plus many more services!

The download is only 20MB in size, but does require user registration, name, email addy, country, and postal code only. The installation is quick. Once up and running you will find a shrunken down version of a word processing program that offers everything a user needs. Let me explain. If you have ever used MS word, then you know that it has more bells and whistles that the average user never uses, because unless they get a Doctorate’s Degree from Microsoft, will never understand all the buttons anyway. WordPerfect Lightning provides ONLY what most of us common folk need to create a document!

Users also get 200 MB free online storage for backup purposes to secure their data like e-mails, contacts, documents, and bookmarks in addition to a free calendar and free e-mail addy. WordPerfect Lightning is one of the next generation of applications which will integrate your desktop applications with the simplicity of online features for greater access and easier collaboration with those you work with or wish to share your info with.

I like it. And it’s free, which I really like.

And if you do give it a try, make sure you provide feedback to Corel. This is a beta (test) version, but it plays like a final release.

Download Corel WordPerfect Lightning – It’s free!

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