Did you know that the best health and medical information site on the Internet is free, completely advertisement free, and is run by the US Government? I always find everything I need to know about medical conditions and drug information on the National Institutes of Health (NIH.gov) Web site.

Unlike WebMD there are no ads from drug companies or online pharmacies. I also find the NIH pages much less cluttered and easier to read. It may not be as flashy and Web 2.0 looking but all the medical information seems to be much more comprehensive.

To research any health topic or drug you can use the search feature that NIH.gov provides or use Google for even more comprehensive results. I like to use a Google inurl search for this (e.g. inurl:nih.gov gerd).

Some may say that WebMD and similar sites are better since they have message boards and blogs, etc. Personally, I’d much rather talk about health issues with my doctor and family members, not strangers and marketing stooges for drug companies! Give the NIH a try and let me know what you think.

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