Symantec has become the victim of what appears to be a grudge against the Symantec Corporation, makers of Norton products for security protection. And though it is unclear what the purpose of the attack really is, CNN is reporting that the virus writer is targeting Symantec products specifically. But those who have the latest patches in place seem to be well protected and thus far have not been infected.

It seems ironic that only this week Symantec was attacking Windows Vista, dragging Microsoft through the mud stating how weak and ineffective their protections were, only to find themselves now under the microscope. Though Symantec wants to downplay the attacks, I for one took pleasure in seeing the security firm squirming to find a out and trying to put the blame anywhere but on themselves.

Harsh statement? Yes. But one well deserved. I had used Norton product for years. And I had always found the software protections and the utility tools the best that were available. But Peter Norton sold his software to Symantec. And once the software giant got a hold of the product, they trashed it to bits. Not only did they destroy Norton software, but they were able to purchase PowerQuest, the makers of Partition Magic, and made mince meat out of this product as well. At the same time, Symantec expanded their software to what they called security suites, that could bring a computer system to it’s knees, since it was a resource hog.

It always gave me great pleasure to uninstall Symantec products from a computer system and to watch as the system would spring back to life. You could almost hear a voice coming from inside the box saying, ‘thank you”. 🙂

Though I don’t condone viruses nor the people that write them, it is hard for me not to keep a smile on my face when reading of any problems that Symantec has. I know, I’m bad.

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